When an individual is stopped or arrested upon probable cause that they were driving a vehicle while their blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, two separate sections of Missouri law govern the arrest and suspension or revocation of the driving privilege:

Criminal Law: This law deals with the ticket that was issued.  If you are convicted of an alcohol offense, the court sends a copy of the conviction to the department, and the proper points are assessed to your driver record.  As a result of the point assessment, your driving privilege may be suspended or revoked.

Administrative Law: This law imposes a separate suspension or revocation of the driving privilege if your blood alcohol content (BAC) level is over the legal limit or you refuse the BAC test(s).  This is an automatic suspension or revocation, even if the ticket was disposed of in court or reduced to a lesser charge.

Drunk-driving law is complex and the guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer can make a significant difference in a defendant’s experience and in the outcome of his or her case.

Each U.S. state has its own set of drunk-driving laws, and in some states drunk driving is a crime, while in others it is classified as a traffic offense. While drunk-driving laws do differ among the states, there are certain concepts and features common to most states’ drunk-driving jurisprudence. As we all know, operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol and/or drugs to a degree that impairs a person’s judgment and ability to drive safely is a serious offense. Both criminal and civil penalties for drunk driving can be harsh and often include:

  • Loss or suspension of license
  • Large fines
  • Substance-abuse treatment
  • Jail or prison time
  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Criminal record
  • Restrictive probationary license programs, including ignition interlock devices and Cinderella licenses
  • Jail time
  • Substantial fines
  • An unwelcome blemish on your driving record
  • Damage to your reputation and job prospects
  • Dependence on public transportation
  • The stigma and shame that accompanies a DWI arrest.

These are the potential consequences of being stopped, tried and convicted for drunk driving, or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated – often mistakenly referred to as “DUI,” or “Driving Under the Influence”), in Missouri. They are punishments you want to avoid at all costs.

We can help you — just as we have helped so many other DWI defendants over the years.

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Our Attorneys Work Hard to Restore Your Driving Privileges

  • Reasons for probable cause, leading to your stop and arrest
  • Questionable police arrest procedures
  • Field sobriety and breath test, or breathalyzer test, results validity
  • Developments in Missouri DWI law, including the 15-day deadline for defending yourself
  • Expungement that can eliminate DWI charges from your driving record

We explore every possible avenue to improve your legal position in drunk driving cases. We always look carefully at countless factors, such as:

For those motorists with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), we know how important your driving privileges are to you. Your license is your livelihood — your means of providing for your family. Our law firm mounts a team effort on your behalf, to safeguard your CDL status.

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, you can count on The Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram, LLC to strive to provide the quality DWI defense representation you need.